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August 25, 2020

orange pick up truck

Canada’s Favorite Pickup Trucks of the Decade

Pickup trucks are far from being an all-American affair: if the Canadian automotive market is any indication, then the Great White North loves a good ol’ pickup as much as our southern counterparts. In fact, back in 2019, Canada saw the sales of pickup trucks rise to an all-time record of over 400,000 units, the fourth-strongest

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charging electric cars
Automotive Industry

Is Canada Ready to Switch to All-Electric Cars?

Just off the coast of British Columbia is the tiny island of Salt Spring. From end-to-end, it stretches a paltry 27-kilometers and is populated by a little over 10,000 people. But this small island that could hosts a green secret: Salt Spring has the highest concentration of electric vehicles in the entirety of the North

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driving inside the car

Carpooling in Canada: Is It Illegal?

Afraid of giving your neighbors and nearby co-workers a lift because you heard that carpooling is illegal? It’s not necessarily illegal, but here’s what you have to look out for. Is Carpooling in Canada Really Illegal? The concept of carpooling is a cost-effective and convenient one: you and someone who lives near you might be

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