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11 Things to Do During Holidays to Kill Boredom

It's that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the air is getting more relaxed, and everyone is gearing up for a season of cheer. But if you're feeling bored or uninspired already, we have eleven ways to liven things up this holiday season!

1. Have a Potluck Dinner

Invite some friends to your house and ask everyone to bring over one dish to share with everyone else. You can make it an anything goes type of party, or specify an ingredient theme like desserts only, salads only, etc., depending on who is coming and what they're bringing. Everyone can go home with something new to try!

2. Go on a Vacation
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If you're lucky enough to be vacationing this November and December, there's no better time than now. Book a vacation rental right on the beach or book some tickets to somewhere you've always dreamed of visiting. You'll be able to go exactly where you want and do whatever you please, so take advantage of it!

3. Spice Up Your Winter Wardrobe

There's nothing like buying new clothes for the holidays; if anything, find that perfect new hat or coat that will keep you warm all winter long. This year is your chance to buy exactly what you like instead of sticking with something generic. At least try on some different styles—you might stumble upon your favorite outfit ever!

4. Host A Game Night

Maybe you don't have family nearby to come to visit during the holidays. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy spending time with people! Invite some friends over for a game night, make it a potluck or order out and plan on staying in your pajamas all day long. It's always more fun when other people are around—and you might learn some new games too!

5. Organize Your Receipts

This is the time of year to get all your receipts together for returns and exchanges. No one wants to be doing that in January, so start early and get it out of the way! Organize them by date or category—it might take a while, but you'll save yourself a lot of hassle later on.

6. Create A Budget

If you've been slipping by paying your bills and not keeping track of what you spend, now is the time to change that. Write down every purchase and payment and see how much money is going in and out of your account. You can then plan a budget for yourself, so you'll never be surprised at where all your money goes again.

7. Go House Hunting

If you're thinking about buying a house or getting a new apartment, now is the perfect time to start looking. You'll have more free time during the holidays and can spend your weekends touring as many houses as possible until you know exactly what you want. Having a solid plan will make it much easier for you when January comes along.

8. Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

It's easy to accumulate clutter over the course of months and years. Spring cleaning counts, but nothing feels better than finally getting rid of all that useless stuff cluttering up your life! Tackle that junk drawer and then organize it by putting things into different boxes and keeping only what you actually need.

9. Do Something That Scares You

Everyone needs a little excitement in their life, so take a risk and do something scary. Whether it's going skydiving or just trying out a new restaurant, doing something that puts butterflies in your stomach will make you feel alive again. Just remember to be safe when you're putting yourself in danger!

10. Plan Your Goals For The New Year

You probably have some resolutions for the new year, so it's important to start planning them now. Scour through your calendar and find free time in your schedule to put aside for working towards your goals. Even if you've set out only one goal, having an action plan will be helpful when you get started.

11. Volunteer

If none of the other activities on this list sound like fun, volunteer for a charity! You'll be able to help out and make a difference in someone's life while also having new experiences. Plus, you'll meet new people; it's always great to make more friends.

The holidays can be a time when you feel bored, but with these activities, you'll never be bored again. From organizing your receipts to cleaning out your junk drawer, there's always something to do. If that doesn't interest you, try going house hunting or planning your goals for the new year. No matter what you choose to do, make sure it brings excitement into your life!



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