About Motoretta

Motoretta is an online magazine dedicated to bringing you some of the best news, reviews, and insights into the automotive world. Every member of our staff carefully scours the internet to find the most interesting articles about all things automotive, from cars and motorcycles to vans and scooters. We try to make Motoretta as accessible as possible and we want it to be a place where both hardcore car nuts and gear heads can share their thoughts and knowledge to newbie car enthusiasts and moto squids.

Here at Motoretta, we want everyone to pitch in their ideas about what makes a great car, what makes a motorcycle awesome, why some vehicles are the way they are, and everything else in between. Basically, if it’s about a machine with an engine and wheels, we want to hear about it!

For our editorial team, nothing is more important than testing out the gear that we review, so we try our best to get our hands on some of the rarest, vintage, and classic automobiles to ride. We want you to have the best information possible about a particular machine, especially if you’re looking to purchase. We keep our buyer’s guide as updated as possible, and we’re also going to be liberal about our opinions and advice!

Whether it’s an honest-to-goodness car/motorcycle review, an in-depth analysis of a motor company, or predictions about the automotive industry in general, we at Motoretta pride ourselves of our painstakingly long and comprehensive research process (which, admittedly, involves riding around in a wicked car or motorcycle!) so you get the most accurate information possible. 

We’re not big fans of gatekeeping: Motoretta is all about experts and newbies coming together to read articles that appeal to all. We want everyone to have an appreciation for all things automotive, because honestly, the more of us gearheads out there, the better!

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