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Why You Should Think about Becoming a Truck Driver

The trucking industry is among the industries that have been affected hard by the pandemic. But it’s also one of the fastest ones to recover. Many companies are in desperate and dire need of qualified and licensed truck drivers to handle delivery and shipping. With the shortage of many commodities all over, there is a huge demand when it comes to freight and hauling.

This demand resulted in an abundance of job openings when it comes to trucking and hauling. If you’re thinking of becoming a truck driver, below are some points to help you make your decision.

It’s an Independent Type of Job

Truck driving is notorious for being an independent and autonomous type of job, and the rumors aren’t wrong. Perhaps the biggest advantage of driving a truck over conventional office work is that you’re ultimately your own boss. Your deadlines are all agreed upon, you have a say over what tasks you’ll take, and you won’t have a manager or boss barking orders behind you.

Of course, this comes with its own set of responsibilities and worries. But they’re nothing that can’t be amended. Many trucking companies or services offer 24/7 assistance, helping you solve any potential problems you might encounter on the road. Alternatively, you can also have a partner drive with you so you can alternate with someone when you’re tired.

You Get to Travel Around

If you like to drive, and you like to travel- then this job is the perfect job for you. Almost everyone nowadays dreams of traveling but the lack of finances and time hinder them from achieving it. Well, a truck driving job allows you to accomplish both: earn and travel at the same time.

Do understand, however, that this would mean you’ll be on the road for days at a time. You’ll be away from family, friends, and loved ones for most of your days. That’s perhaps the biggest disadvantage of being a truck driver. Fortunately, many trucking companies offer a wide variety of scheduling options so you can still spend time with your family while maintaining your trucking job.

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The Pay Is Good

Perhaps the most popular reason why one would consider being a truck driver is because of the salary. In many cases, even the entry-level salary of a truck driver is considerable, especially when compared to other entry-level positions. The usual long-haul trucker would earn within the range of $55,000 to $65,000 annually. Some companies also offer bonus compensation for extra-long distances, making an option for extra income.

You can definitely make a good amount of money a year through truck driving, and even when away from family, you can make sure you are able to provide for them. Especially with how accessible banking is nowadays, you can take advantage of various remittance options and even send money abroad online to your loved ones. Truly, truck driving is one of the most stable ways to support your family- even from afar.

Education and Licensing is Accessible

It’s perhaps common knowledge at this point that your standard driving license isn’t enough to be a truck driver. You need to obtain a commercial driving license, one that you need to study for in a school dedicated to shipping and hauling. It mostly consists of both traditional classroom discussion and practical, hands-on application.

Fortunately, schools like these are relatively accessible. They won’t be free of course, but the fee that you’ll be paying into the school will easily be returned once you’re earning as a truck driver. Getting your commercial driving license is an investment of sorts: you need to spend to acquire your license, but after that, you’ll be all set.

Career Path A-Plenty

It might seem like being a truck driver is a dead-end job where you can only stay as a truck driver. This is further from the truth. The career paths in driving a truck are considerably varied, and it all depends on what path you want to take.

After gaining considerable experience as a truck driver, there’s plenty of options available for you. Of course, you can still remain as a truck driver, but you can also branch out into being an instructor or trainer. You can even start your own truck driving school. Or perhaps become your own operator and owner, even eventually building your very own trucking and hauling company.

Being a truck driver is a good career option. Especially nowadays, with the pressing need for shipping and freight services, it’s a good career choice. Just remember that just like any career, it takes hard work to find success.


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