Tricks to Maintain Your Vehicle amid the Pandemic

Canada is a country that is blessed with plenty of scenic roads that are a wanderlust’s idea of heaven. These roads traverse some of the country’s most breathtaking communities, mountainscapes, historic villages, and natural formations that would make anyone’s jaw drop.

Among these mesmerizing roads is the Pacific Rim Highway in British Columbia, the Acadian and Fundy Coastal Drive in New Brunswick, the Viking Trail in Labrador and Newfoundland, and the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. These roads can ensure an unforgettable journey for families who wish to have a breather amid the uncertainty brought by the ongoing global health crisis.

With the pandemic making it the only safe way of traveling inside one’s vehicle, it’s important to have your car in tip-top shape before any road trip. These are five tricks on how you can easily and safely maintain your vehicle during the pandemic:

Regularly take your car for a quick spin

Your car can’t sit idle for a lengthy period because it runs the risk of having several components getting damaged or defective. The battery, for one, can get discharged when the vehicle isn’t running for weeks or months. The tires can get flat, while the engine bay can be a tempting haven for critters and bugs if your vehicle is parked in your garage for an extended time.

You can avoid all these possible setbacks by driving your car for a few kilometers at least once each week. Taking your vehicle for a spin periodically will help keep the fluids circulating, the battery recharging, and all other mechanical and electrical components in excellent condition.

Drop off your car at your trusted shop and get it back once the maintenance is done

If your car is up for scheduled maintenance on your trusted vehicle maintenance and repair shop, you can arrange to drop it off and then retrieve it once everything is done. For example, if you own a Subaru vehicle that requires a specialist, you can take it to a Subaru authorized mechanic, have it serviced, and go back at least a day after it’s done.

Remember that coronavirus can survive for several hours on surfaces, so having a time allowance will lessen the chance of the virus surviving. Even then, be sure to use gentle disinfectant on the door handles, steering wheel, and other high-touch surfaces outside and inside of your vehicle.

Change or top off the fluids on your own

Not all simple vehicle maintenance tasks require a certified mechanic to perform. These include changing the engine oil or transmission fluid or simply topping them off to recommended levels.

These vehicle fluids are critical in keeping the various mechanical parts performing flawlessly and operating in ideal conditions. You can refer to the owner’s manual to know the right interval of an oil change, the recommended fluid level, and the right fluid type for your vehicle.

By personally doing such simple maintenance tasks, you won’t just save some dollars, but you’ll also save yourself the trouble and risk of spending time in a busy automotive shop with other car owners. It’s better to be safe by doing things DIY-style than to risk possible transmission.

car's tires

Consider waxing and sealing your car’s paint

If you are parking your car for a considerable time, you might want to wax and seal the paint first before closing the garage doors.

Vehicle body paint naturally fades over time, especially when exposed to the elements. And since getting a new body paint is a pricey proposition, you should avoid it at any cost by putting a high-quality wax and sealant over the paint. You can do this on your own, and it would only take a few minutes off your schedule, so it’s something that you can easily pull off.

Fill up the tank or use a fuel stabilizer

A simple way of keeping your car’s gas tank and engine in great condition is to fill it up whether you’ll be driving it or not. This simple step minimizes the chances of moisture buildup, which can affect the engine’s and gas tank’s conditions. Additionally, you should use a fuel stabilizer to ensure that the fuel line and engine won’t get corroded as your vehicle sits idle in your parking area.

However, have the wrong assumption that these tricks will not cause any problem. For one, the gas that you pumped into your tank could get worse if the car won’t be used for three months or longer. Old fuel in a vehicle could also diminish engine power and cause stalling or even prevent the car from starting altogether.

With these five easy maintenance tricks, your vehicle will surely stay in great condition throughout the pandemic.


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