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A Guide to Caring for Your Car’s Wheels and Tires

Even the best drivers need to care for their car’s wheels and tires. Cars are one of the essential properties a person can have. Most people usually use these vehicles throughout the entire day. If this is the case, you need to evaluate the state and condition of your tires and rims from time to time. The wheel is one of the factors that primarily affect the overall appearance of your car. After a while, brake dust can accumulate on your wheels. Brake dust contains particles of iron that appear as dark-colored residue due to the brake pads and brake rotors. If this builds up on your wheel, your car would ultimately look unappealing. When it comes to tires, properly preparing them can heighten the durability of their dressing and reduce the likelihood of tire dressing sling.

The maintenance of wheels and tires should be given as much attention whenever you clean your vehicle. Checking up on your wheels should be done every few weeks. You should do an intensive cleaning session and add a layer of protection every few months. Similarly, the chore of dressing your tires should also be done every few weeks using a degreaser if the dirt that builds up on your tires becomes too hard to clean off. Even if car wash services can offer to do the job for you, taking care of your tires and wheels can be easily done at home. Here are some steps that you should never forget.

The cleaning stage

The most basic materials you need are water, a wash mitt, a sponge or cleaning cloth, and some car shampoo. This process is a foolproof way of cleaning your wheels if you are diligently maintaining them and coating them with protection regularly. You can usually clean wheels with only soap and water. However, you will need a wheel cleaner for the stubborn accumulation of dirt. An ideal product to use would be pH-balanced or neutral wheel cleaners. Simultaneously, acidic wheel cleaners can also do the job. However, it can increase the chances of your polished wheels becoming oxidized or tarnished. When cleaning the inner barrels, it is best to use a bottle-bristle brush to help you reach the most internal and hard-to-reach parts.

On the other hand, if a tire requires deeper cleaning, soaking your tires with a degreaser and scrubbing the persistent dirt can surely do the trick. Once you move on to tire dressing, always keep in mind that you have to apply thin and even coats. Applying this dressing is an effortless and straightforward task. Distribute the tire dressing onto an applicator pad and apply it to your tires. It is best to put on a minimal amount of product to avoid getting sling onto the paint. Keep in mind that it is still preferable, and probably best, to apply several thin coats instead of just a single thick coat.

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The polishing stage

The next step after cleaning your wheels and tires is to polish your wheels. In this way, your wheels can look brand new and conceal the minor imperfections found on the surface. Polishing also helps maintain your wheels’ finish, and the appropriate polish that you should use will largely depend on the type of finish you have. Metal wheels should be maintained with metal polish, while wheels with chrome finish should be coated with chrome polish. Apply only a pea-sized drop of polish onto an applicator pad and spread it lightly over the wheel. You will know if the job is done when the polish turns into a clear haze. Remove the broken down polish using a polyester towel or any microfiber cloth.

The protection stage

This step is critical, especially for cars that are being driven every day and all day long. To maintain your wheel’s new and fresh look, it is best to ensure that they are protected anywhere and anytime. One way to protect your wheels, your passenger, and yourself is to make sure your wheel is balanced and aligned. A car wheel balancer can fix and restore your wheels’ uneven weight distribution that stems from being used over time. This allows your wheels to roll smoothly whenever you drive your car. Next, with the use of wax or a sealant, it becomes effortless to provide your wheels with an extra layer of protection. Although these are the most common types of protection for your car wheels, there may be products that are specifically formulated for your particular type of wheels.

Ultimately, your wheels and tires are constantly exposed to heat, water, and dirt on the road. This causes them to become worn out and faded. Along with this comes ineffectiveness and issues with functionality. That is why it is important to maintain your wheels and tires y  for a safe and comfortable journey.regularl


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